Choosing an Attractive Business Name

Most people don’t realize it, but one of your first and most important business decisions can be picking your business name. A great name is one that attracts customers and can really give your business legs in terms of starting a buzz. Do you think Google would have created the fanatical sensation it has with a name like Search Engine USA? If you are not the creative type, then bring in others to help you to name your baby. Work with a team of advisors, family or even just some business savvy friends, but don’t delegate this task completely to someone else, and especially not to a stranger or some internet naming company. A naming company is not going to understand your business or know you.

If it is your business it should be a name that you like and that links back to your unique value proposition and the personality of your company. People will ask you, where did you come up with your name. This can be a golden opportunity for you to say something really brilliant and memorable, come up with a name that allows you to take this opportunity. If you are conservative, don’t be persuaded into something wild, that makes you uncomfortable and if you are zany, then don’t go conservative just because everyone else in your industry does. Picking a name should happen over a period of time, not in a day or an hour. Forcing creativity seldom works, so give yourself and your team time to percolate on it. Hold a series of brainstorming sessions until you are comfortable and excited about saying, seeing, hearing and owning a particular business name. During these brain storming sessions you should work through these eight rules for choosing a business name:

1) Be distinctive and be memorable, but be easy to spell and pronounce.

Your potential clients should be able to easily remember your business name. However, they also need to be able to find it easily if they’re looking for it in a phone book, directory or online. So choosing a business name such as “Phorgetmeekknot” is not a good idea. While we usually encourage the unique, we also suggest that you be unique without the difficult spellings. Your business name should also be easily pronounced, which is why, for instance, we discourage our clients with predominately American clientele from using French words or names.

The test: If someone were to say your business name over the radio, would people be able to remember it, spell it correctly and easily translate it into a properly spelled dotcom address for surfing at another time during the day? A good name is something that can be mentioned on the radio or over the phone, without a lot of explanation. A great name does this and is memorable.

2) An attractive business name needs a visual element.

What popped into your head when you read “Phorgetmeekknot?” Most people wouldn’t visualize anything when they read this name. Generally we are hard-wired to “See” images when we read or hear language. Incorporating a visual element into your business name can be a powerful aid to customers’ memory and a powerful advertising tool. So you want your business name to have a strong visual element to it.

3) An attractive business name should have a positive connotation.

Many words suggest both literal meanings and emotional meanings. A word’s literal meaning can be positive, neutral or negative depending on the emotional associations that people generally make. The classic example is the difference between “Mom,” which has a very positive literal meaning and “Mother,” which has a neutral connotation. It would not be advisable to name your company Mother’s Toffee when Mom’s Toffee has a more positive underlying suggestion.

When you create your business name, you need to choose words that suggest positive meanings that people will associate with your business while making sure that these meanings are suitable for your business. So, don’t name your business Dad’s Cookies if you’re going to be selling Tofu.

4) An attractive business name should allude to what your business does.

You need to be sure that your new business name gives your potential clients some clues about what you actually do. That’s why almost all banks have the word “Bank” in their name, and bars include words such as “Pub,” “Saloon” or even “Bar” in their names.

Including information about what your business does in your business name also makes it easier for potential clients to find your business in phone books and directories on and offline.
Including a descriptive component in your name can help customers understand the nature of your business. However, you should avoid including descriptive elements that could quickly become out of date or inaccurate. We encourage our technology clients to not use technical abbreviations or words in their business names as those terms can quickly become archaic.

5) An attractive business name should be short, but not too short.

This is vital because you want your clients to be able to remember your business’s name so they can tell other people what it is. It’s also important for promotional purposes. You want a business name that will fit on a business card and stationary, look good displayed on a sign or in an ad and work well as a domain name for search engines if you choose to use search engine optimization. So, keep it as short as you can. That being said, avoid abbreviations or initials as a startup. Your name is part of your branding so it needs to convey meaning. Standalone letters do not convey meaning. This is a case where it is not wise to emulate the big boys. Names like IBM and DHL while now household names, are not good names for a startup, because they carry no meaning. You can shorten to initials after you have developed your image, but it will be easier to develop your brand image if you start with a name that have meaning built into it.

6) An attractive name should distinguish you from your competitors.

If your top competitor is Jewelry Works, you should not choose the business name, Jewelry Worx or Working Jewelry. You need to choose a name that will distinguish you from your competitors. There is a lot to be said for being the black sheep in business and targeting a market based on your unique value. Better to be bold and stand out then be timid and blend in.

7) An attractive business name in today’s world has a dotcom option.

As the Internet reaches a critical mass, owning a good dotcom domain name has a tremendous value. If you believe the Internet will play an important role in the future of your business, you’ll want to factor the availability of dotcom names into your name choice.
It’s easy to find out what domain names are available, and which ones are taken. Use free online resources that determine the availability of a particular name. While .net, and .us are other options for the most part they are not seen as having the same status as a dotcom, so keep that in mind depending on your target market and their status sensitivity.

8) A lasting business name should not violate IP rights.

You must be sure to choose a name that does not violate the intellectual property rights of another business or organization with the name you choose, which could put your ability to use the name in jeopardy. You can use the internet to research if there are other businesses with your name or search businesses by name with the State government division in charge of registered businesses. This is a state affair so the body governing business registration will not let your register an already existing name. When searching a database, try different spacing and word combinations to find all possible matches. For example, try Prairie Dog, PrairieDog, PrairieDog.Com and Prairie Dog Café.

If you want to trademark your business name you should search the US Patent and Trademark Office website before you choose your name. You can also hire an attorney to do this work for you.

One last tip: think about colors and images when you’re choosing a business name. Colors and images will be an important component of your business logo and other business promotion materials and your business web site. Colors and images have strong emotional associations that you and your team of advisors should take the time to consider. You can read up on this on the internet or at your local bookstore.

How to Get Rich From Property Investment Strategies

Property investment is a long-term investment, you may not get rich fast. It’s very much like planting a seed, in order to enjoy the harvest many years later. Of cause there have many ways to make fast money in properties provided you are lucky and smart to buy below market price and sell above market price.

Before to start for our long-term property investment, there have some basic several basic property investment strategies we should consider before to make a decision for long term investment.

o You need to make sure your financial situation and can affordable to invest it without stretching the budget uncomfortably.

o You should always consider the best location and right direction for investment. None of the important thing is LOCATION. A good location can bring you fast money of positive cash flow to cover your operating costs and debt payment. You may want to avoid investments with a negative cash flow.

o Pay the correct price properties at the proper time. To do some research on the best places to invest and figure out the present market trends.

o Get a good and professional agent to help you to deal with the buyers. Choosing an expert property agent can make a big difference that can get a maximum return of your property transaction and reduce your burden on legal issues.

o Find the right Lawyer who meets your needs. They know how to deal and improve profitability and can advice you on various real estate investment strategies.

o Choosing bank loan packages that you are able to suit you. To compare several banks, legal and other charges on early repayment penalties.

Choosing the Right Business Mentors – The Key to Longterm Business Success

In recent years we’ve seen all kinds of upheavals within the business world, online and off. How do we as internet business owners run our business successfully and profitably during such uncertain times?

How do we navigate through the ups and downs of internet business and maintain our profitability when everything is changing so fast?

How do we learn what you need in order to be successful in our internet business, to keep with the rapid changes happening in the business world?

The smartest and quickest way to create business success is to learn from those that have gone before you! People that have real life experience can save you thousands of hours of wasted effort.

That sounds easy, but how do you find a good business mentor? On the internet there are thousands of people offering advice, coaching, education and training on how to start and run a successful home based business.

How do you decide who to listen to? Most of all, how do you tell what is hype and what is real?

By now we have all seen the “get rich quick” mentality offered by high priced internet business gurus who promise large incomes for little or no effort. Many times you are not even told what product you are selling!

Some of these offers can be very tempting especially to a newcomer in the world of internet business. Sadly, most often these high priced and high hype opportunities obscure the truth of what really is required to successfully run a home based business online.

So many people have lost money and worse than this, have lost their hope of ever gaining financial independence, through putting their trust in the wrong business mentors.

The decisions you make about WHO to learn from can dramatically impact the future of your business!

How to Choose the Right Business Mentors

I’ve had some interesting learning experiences in my search for the right business mentors. By the word “mentor” I mean anyone you choose to
learn from … teachers, coaches, business team leaders, authors, experts, colleagues.

I didn’t think a lot about this when I first started my online business, until I discovered some gaps between my own standards of integrity, and that of some people or companies I was working with.

This dissonance created an inner conflict that prevented me from feeling good about what I was doing … and I noticed I wasn’t making much money either!

Ultimately I decided to let go of those business mentors that did not match my own values. Once I became more conscious of how important integrity and values are to me, I made this one of my criteria in searching for business mentors. As my values got onto the “same page” with my business choices, I found my income growing and my business expanding.

In business, and in life, it is crucial to choose carefully those that you follow. The future success of your internet business is at stake!

What Is Most Important to You?

As one of my business mentors says … “Every cell of your body needs to be on the same page with your business” in order for you to succeed.

Before you go out their seeking the advice of others, take some time to get to know what YOU want. What is most important to you in your business success? Write this down. Next, create a list of the most important qualities and areas of expertise that you want your mentors to have. Be clear about you want, and then it will be much easier to find it!

I have discovered over time that I need business mentors who have exceptional integrity, who empower and inspire me, who facilitate the deepening of my connection with my own sense of truth, who are not afraid to be direct and truthful. I learned all this mostly by NOT finding it! I was being disappointed over and over again, until I learned to be clearer in knowing what I needed and going after it.

Sensing Truth

We are all born with an innate sense of what is true. Have you noticed how children can sense truth even if your words are not saying it? They respond to the non-verbal signals and energies of people, sometimes even more than adults who have learned to shut down their own natural “inner truth meter”.

Our culture for the most part does not yet value this innate sense of truth that we’re born with. In an environment like the internet where anyone can put up a website, it becomes tremendously important to be able to contact our own sense of inner truth when looking for business mentors.

Thankfully, we can re-activate this “truth center” with the sincere intention to find and reclaim our own heart’s inner wisdom. Reclaiming access to our own inner sense of truth has so many benefits in all aspects of our life. In business this can save you many headaches, because you will learn how to avoid getting deceived by hype and false promises.

Finding Business Mentors You Can Trust

Whether you are hiring someone for coaching, attending their workshop or class, purchasing an e-book or service, or joining their network marketing team … first take some time to learn about the person you want to learn from. Learn about their background, credentials and experience. For example, f you want to learn about how to set up a successful soap making business, you’ll want to find someone who has done this who can teach you how to do this.

The more closely you intend to work with someone, the more carefully you’ll want to check out that person to make sure there is a good fit. If you’re going to be in a long term coaching relationship it is essential that you communicate with your potential business mentor, to ensure that you work well.

In addition, I encourage you also to think about the following questions.

  • Do you feel inspired, empowered and uplifted from your prospective mentor’s teachings?
  • Do you feel more connected with your own inner sense of truth from their teachings?
  • Does your prospective business mentor walk their talk? Do they practice what they preach? Do they follow their own advice, use the products they sell, and embody and express the principles they are talking about?
  • Does their “energy” match their words? For example if a coach is speaking about the importance of holding a positive attitude towards others, do you experience this positive attitude actually coming from them? OR do their words say one thing, but their energy conveys something else?

In Summary

Before taking the advice of anyone, always ask your intuition and your inner sense of truth. Develop a list of the qualities and expertise you need in your business mentor. Use discernment to navigate through the sea of information on the internet, to find business mentors of integrity and wisdom that can empower you to success. Trust you instincts, avoid hype, and set your intention to create business success!